United Transmission Exchange wins the 2019 Spirit Award for Inspirational Entrepreneur.

We are excited to announce that United Transmission Exchange has won the 2019 Spirit Of The Entrepreneur award for INSPIRATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR.

In 2003, the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at California State University San Bernardino, founded the annual Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards Program in the Inland Empire. Now in its 16th year, the awards reflect our passionate belief that the Inland Empire community should honor and reward the entrepreneurial men and women who innovate, take risks, and build businesses that contribute significantly to our local economy.

Karen Mason the CEO of United Transmission Exchange took the stage on Wednesday to tell her story of inspiration.

“I came to United Transmission Exchange to help my husband Tommy Mason.  He was an absentee owner who found serious issues that would require he step in to save the business. It was just before 2008 so we had a crisis with the business and the economy. 

Tommy had the wisdom to know and hire our GM, Adrian Downs, an industry veteran, who set about to fix operations and help rebuild the business.  But as we were getting underway, Tommy began to suffer the effects of head injuries he sustained in his many years as an NFL running back. Eventually Tommy was not able to maintain his role in the business, and I became a reluctant CEO with no business management experience or knowledge of heavy-duty trucks and transmissions. 

Over the years, our business has transformed from struggling to successful – and now we are the industry leader.  Our achievements are due in great measure to the guidance and grace of so many smart people who helped us along the way, but mainly it’s due to the dedication, professionalism, and heart of the employees of United Transmission Exchange.

Tommy ran the company with a sport analogy.  His playbook was that we’re a team, we had each other’s back, and our customers were team members.  We honor Tommy’s legacy, because it’s our legacy. 

To be named an Inspirational Entrepreneur in the community gives us great pride. I share this award with my team at United Transmission Exchange and dedicate it to the memory of Tommy Mason.”

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