Industries We Serve

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UTX Industries Waste Management

Waste Services

At UTX we go above and beyond – helping fleets for waste service companies to extend the life of their transmissions by providing tips on efficient shifting techniques.

UTX Industries Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

UTX transmissions are installed in hundreds of fire trucks and emergency vehicles. We understand the important role dependability plays when seconds count.

UTX Industries Military Vehicles

Military Vehicles

We proudly remanufacture transmissions for U.S. Military vehicles. For almost 20 years, it has been a UTX priority to support the fleet maintenance programs of our service men and women.

UTX Industries Transit Buses


With thousands of people riding transit buses to carry them through their daily commutes, UTX remanufactured transmissions help ensure they arrive where they are going!

UTX Industries Tour Coaches

Tour Coach

UTX remanufactured transmissions are in tour coaches that carry vacationers and travelers to their destinations far and wide.

UTX Industries School Buses

School Buses

Transporting children safely each school day is one of the most important functions of a UTX remanufactured transmission. We’ve been depended upon to service school buses for more than 25 years.

UTX Industries - Commercial Fleet

Commercial Fleet

In our busy world, we depend on quick and reliable deliveries to our homes and businesses, and many fleet delivery companies depend on UTX remanufactured transmissions as part of their maintenance programs.

United Transmission Utility Truck

Utility Vehicles

United Transmission Exchange is CPUC certified and we support utility fleet maintenance programs with our UTX remanufactured transmissions and services.

UTX Industries Yard Tractor

Yard Tractor

Yard tractors play a key role in the time-critical functions of container, distribution and industrial handling. UTX has the dependable and high-quality remanufactured transmissions to help keep yard tractors on the move and operating at maximum uptime.

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