Allison Transmissions We Service

A full list of every model transmission we service

Remanufactured Allison Transmissions

Transmission Component Sales & Service

  • Exchange Transmissions
  • Customer Unit Overhauls and Repair
  • All Makes and Models of On-Highway Allison Transmissions
    • B500, HD, MD, 1K/2K, HT, MT, AT
  • Field Service
  • In House Vehicle Service
  • Remove and Repair
  • Transmission Electrical Repair
  • All Units Quality tested on Hicklin Transadyne Dynamometers
  • UTE Best-in-Class Warranty

  • Master Distributor Felsted/Orscheln
  •  Shifters, Cables, Brake Levers and Brake Cables
  •  Orscheln Fluid Level Indicators– New, Aftermarket, Rebuilt
  • Master Distributor Stone Bennett Repair and Part Sales
  • Master Harness Repair, Custom Dipsticks for all Allison Transmissions
  • Allison Keypads Rebuild and Repair

Allison Parts Sales

  • Genuine and Rebuilt Allison Parts
  • Aftermarket Parts

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